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Nah I'm from Asia and I wasn't lucky enough to have a chance to be on true colors event. I really upset and jealous with all those people who can attend it. But i watched it in Youtube, and i thought that it would be a lifetime experiences. I've never seen any singer or dj that was so friendly with fans like Zedd, and it was such a huge PR for the album. It was an epic. I hope that in the future, Zedd's tour will not only available in the USA, because there're so much fans of Zedd in the world are waiting for miracles. And "True Colors" is the best album i've ever heard, I got addicted to every single song of the album. This album made Zedd become my most favorite DJ/producer from now on. I'll always love you Zedd and hope to see you one day. I know that Zedd will never read these words, but I just want to tell Zedd how much I love him <3 <3