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September 28, 2016

Mr. Anton Zaslavski



Dear Zedd:

A few days ago, I started an assignment to write to a person I admire. I decided to write to you because there is a lot of your content that I appreciate. Your music caught my attention ever since “Stay the Night” came out a while back, and, recently, both “Adrenaline” and “Starving” have become some of my favorites. The variety of your music has always been captivating and with every song there is a specific vibe. Your collaborations have always been interesting in the sense that the beats are subtle enough to make way for the vocals, but are still prominent enough to give the song its theme. The creativity of your music has inspired me to buy a synthesizer myself just to see what I could come up with. I know very little about synthesizers, but I hope to make music that other people can enjoy, too.

The unique riffs and lyrics of “Candyman” has also kept me listening to it since I heard it while watching television. Its feel-good tone and upbeat lyrics give it an addicting quality that allows me to enjoy it over and over again. The piano and escalating tones blend perfectly with the “Love Makes the World Go Round” theme. I was first introduced to “Starving” off of my brother’s Spotify playlist, and I have been loving it ever since. Many of your collaborations have been the most interesting, personally. Some of these are “I Want You to Know”, “Break Free”, and “Transmission”. Many of your works vary in terms of speed, intensity, and theme. Songs like “Daisy” have a little slower, more somber mood to them while “Adrenaline” has a swift acceleration and demands excitement. The rapid and exhilarating “Adrenaline” has been my most favorite as of late. While all of your songs are marvelous, “Adrenaline” has become my anthem, due to the fast-paced and wild-natured rhythm. The beats of your music provides the backbone and gives each song their own feeling. For example, “Candyman” has a much more smooth texture and a softer sound to it, while the hook really ties the entire song together. The flow of sounds strung together melt into Aloe Blacc’s, “And it feels so good,” vocals.

While some artists have their moments, your music truly inspires me. Whether it’s the ride to school, or I’m off headed to a football game, your music is always waiting for me to put on some headphones and jam out. If you have any tips or advice about starting off on a synthesizer, I would be happy to hear it. I would just like to thank you for being a huge inspiration to me, and such a creative and imaginative person.


Jacob Kang