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Here is what I thought. The experience was definitely when I went to the Kiss Concert and he made an appearance. I was 3rd row, and although it wasn't specifically Zedd's concert, and I was the only one who knew every song played, I thought it was awesome because that set was big to me. I thought that was crazy, and now I look at what it has come to now and I am in disbelief. The best SHOW that I have been to, though, was October 6th, 2015 he played at University of Rhode Island and I wasn't expecting it to be that big. I got middle and front on the seats, and I loved it. The only problem was I was stressed then. It was a Tuesday night and I had school the next day, and the show started a half an hour late AND the starters were both 1 hour long. I was told they are 30 minutes long by a person who went to the San Fransisco show. I only get to see 1 hour of Zedd, and that is why I didn't put this at #1. But what Zedd show can be a bad show, let's be real.