What is the best Zedd live show you've ever seen?



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margaretfrey20's picture

I've seen Zedd twice at Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. The first time I saw him there, it was 2013 and it was the best live performance I've ever seen! It was the first time I ever heard his Legend of Zelda remix and my mind was blown considering I loved the video game growing up and his big spin on the track was phenomenal 

Josh_Peng's picture

Definitely the True Colors Tour here in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center. I've been to multiple Zedd shows in Vegas and at various raves, but the world tour was on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. The light effects, the music, the vibe...everything I saw exceeded my expectations.

tylermaillet's picture

Here is what I thought. The experience was definitely when I went to the Kiss Concert and he made an appearance. I was 3rd row, and although it wasn't specifically Zedd's concert, and I was the only one who knew every song played, I thought it was awesome because that set was big to me. I thought that was crazy, and now I look at what it has come to now and I am in disbelief. The best SHOW that I have been to, though, was October 6th, 2015 he played at University of Rhode Island and I wasn't expecting it to be that big. I got middle and front on the seats, and I loved it. The only problem was I was stressed then. It was a Tuesday night and I had school the next day, and the show started a half an hour late AND the starters were both 1 hour long. I was told they are 30 minutes long by a person who went to the San Fransisco show. I only get to see 1 hour of Zedd, and that is why I didn't put this at #1. But what Zedd show can be a bad show, let's be real.

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Well i have never gone to a ZEDD concert before until recently. I went on October 23 of this year and I LOVED IT!!! TRUE COLORS TOUR!!! It was so much fun and seeing all the beautiful graphics on the screen was amazing. seeing him live was just breath taking. This was by far the best birthday present a 15yr could ask for! I've never been so happy in my life!   

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Currently haven't seen him live yet. Cant wait to though. One of my goals is too see one of Zedd's amazing shows. Come down close to Tennessee!!