What emotion does Zedd's music evoke in you the most?



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Mario_Garcia5's picture

its hard to say but when I hear zedd's music I escape reality and go into my own world and I feel free and life feels great just full of energy  

epiphany611's picture

I am probably one of the few to say, "bittersweet." Took me years to finally get "Spectrum" and "Clarity" (my favorite songs ever) and a few other songs on that album, but it finally hit me. I see these songs as a love triangle that almost came to fruition. I am not good with words so I will explain my feelings via songs. Trying not to sound cheesy, but think of Kygo’s “Firestorm” mixed with emotions of knowing you can’t fully be with this person. If they end up together she knows an outside person would be singing The 1975’s “Somebody Else.” She might be singing #27 by Dave Matthews (maybe not so dramatic), if sung by a woman. Zedd's songs are about love and loss with amazing lyrics, but recent songs sound like he is over her...those are the emotions I feel.

MIKE BGTT's picture

Zedd´s music make me feel happy, for me his music has a magic inside that make me feel good and make me immagine somethings in my mind, some wishes, desires from the bottom of my heart and some kind of sensacion that i wanna wake it up! I love Zedd and his music!!!!! It let me show my TRUE COLORS to everyone! - Mike (Perú)

Alicia_Yosh's picture

L'album True colors. Un son qui procure une sensation de légèreté, d'évasion et de bonheur tous les jours! Merci Zedd.

Devy_Gita's picture

his music release my sorrow. in the darkest time of my life till now, his music gives more power to survive...