What is your favorite Zedd lyric?



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Jack_Spencer's picture

We might not know why, we might not know how, but baby tonight we're beautiful now 

Reminds me of one of the best months of my life

margaretfrey20's picture

Breathing you in when I want you out

Or Just an outline made of skin

And my walls are paper thin

I want to let you color me in

Mie_Yakuin's picture

(1) We are, we are in love enemies

(2) ...Are you done with love so they can't hurt you tomorrow? You don't wanna keep on swimming in the ocean you've cried, but I won't let you drown, I'll pull you back to the shallow (this song really resonated with me). 

Devy_Gita's picture

Daisy, always dancing to the same beat

Broken records stuck on repeat, Daisy, you got me

Daisy, don't you know that you're amazing?

Broken hearts just keeps on breaking, Daisy

I would take the light out the stars to help you see

Anything to guide you straight to me

*it presents me my self*

Luis_Lagunas_Mendez's picture

We'll Run Where Lights Won't Chase Us

 Hide Where Love Can Save Us

I Will Never Let You Go 

One Of The Best Lyrics :3