Zedd True Colors - Event #8, Atlanta GA - "Daisy"

Zedd True Colors - Event #8, Atlanta GA - "Daisy" The True Colors Experience in Atlanta, Georgia May 12, 2015. Subscribe to Zedd’s channel to stay up to date with all his latest videos. Download the Zedd True Colors Documentary here - http://zedd.me/ZeddDocumentary Visit the Zedd store: http://zedd.me/Store Listen to Zedd Essentials on Spotify: http://zedd.me/SPEssentials Get the album ‘True Colors’ here: Spotify: http://zedd.me/TrueColorsSP Apple Music: http://zedd.me/TrueColorsAM iTunes: http://zedd.me/TrueColorsIT Google Play: http://zedd.me/TrueColorsGP Amazon: http://zedd.me/TrueColorsAMZ Get more music from Zedd: Spotify: http://zedd.me/SPEssentials Apple Music: http://zedd.me/iTEssentials Google Play: http://zedd.me/GooglePlay Amazon: http://zedd.me/Amazon Soundcloud: http://zedd.me/Soundcloud Follow Zedd: Website: https://www.zedd.net Facebook: http://zedd.me/Facebook Instagram: http://zedd.me/Instagram Spotify: http://zedd.me/Spotify Twitter: http://zedd.me/Twitter Snapchat: http://zedd.me/Snapchat Subscribe to his YouTube channel: http://zedd.me/YTSubscribe See Zedd live: http://zedd.me/Tour



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